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Zoo Med Repti Fogger Terrarium Humidifier


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Zoo Med Repti Fogger – Terrarium and Reptile Humidifier


Create a stunning tropical rainforest in your terrarium with the Zoo Med Repti Fogger. This terrarium humidifier uses distilled water to create a cool mist that increases your pet’s comfort, relative humidity and visual appeal. The Repti Fogger works great as an invertebrate, amphibian and reptile humidifier. The easy-to-use unit is the perfect terrarium accessory for pets that thrive in relatively humid climates.

The Zoo Med Repti Fogger is the perfect terrarium accessory for keeping your pets healthy and hydrated. The terrarium humidifier converts the water into a cool fog that fills your pet’s habitat. Many tropical pets stay hydrated by consuming condensation that collects on plant leaves and other surfaces. Others absorb moisture from the air through their skin. The fog produced by this reptile humidifier is the perfect way to provide humidity and condensation for your pet.

The Repti Fogger terrarium humidifier sets up in seconds and is easy to use – just add distilled water! Top up the water bottle as needed to keep the fogger working smoothly. The no-spill valve that seals the water bottle makes removing and refilling easier than ever.

The Zoo Med Repti Fogger includes: the base assembly with fog output control, fully adjustable hose attachment pump designed for terrariums of varying sizes, one liter bottle and no-spill valve. Use this amphibian and reptile humidifier in conjunction with the Zoo Med Hygro Therm Humidity and Temperature Controller (sold separately) to precisely monitor and control the humidity and temperature of your pet’s environment.


  • Compact ultrasonic fogger increases your tank's humidity
  • Adjustable fog output control
  • Comes ready to operate right out of the box
  • Includes a 1 liter bottle, an adjustable hose that extends up to 3 feet, and all the necessary fittings
  • 90-day warranty
  • Adjustable output
  • No spill valve
  • Plug n play ease