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Teco TECOnnect WiFi Control


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TECOnnect is an essential tool for everyone who wants control water temperature at any moments and everywhere.  Thanks to TECOnnect, you will be able to remotely control your chiller, modify parameters and receive thermostat alerts. TECOnnect device consists in an external plastic magnetic box, connected to the controller and supplied with a micro USB port.

TECO offer a remote monitoring App interfacing with smartphones and tablets.

Some of the functioning of TECOnnect App (available for Android and iOS):

  •  Monitor water temperature
  • Set water temperature
  • Switch °C to °F and vice versa
  • Get thermostat alarms and parameters
  • Get an alarm when water temperature is outside a range set by the user
  • Easy access to TECO website

TECOnnect is available only for the new line TK500, TK1000, TK2000 “WI-FI version”. The new line is specifically designed for the connection of the WI-FI module.

TECOnnect is not suitable for previous chillers models.