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Spectra Aqua Sphere LED Aquarium Light MO31

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Novel spherical design,simple and beautiful appearance. Wirelessly controllable through the software and support multiple units control.

Spectra has equipped the spectra sphere LED with 20 high efficiency 3w/5w diodes which are grouped together behind a custom lens cluster for optimal blending of LED colors.

Also, the Spectra sphere LED will be wirelessly controllable through the SPECTRA mobile app. Using your smartphone you’ll be able to control six channels of LEDs which can be programmed for 24 different time periods, with a new and improved dimming algorithms for better simulations of sunrise and sunset modes.
Product Features:
  • High efficient Cree LEDs
  • 6 channels Wi-Fi control
  • Self-developed dimming technology from Spectra(formerly named Sanrise)
  • Support rack mounting and hanging kits(Both are included)
  • Support the control via iOS, Android and Windows systems
  • Intelligent temperature control fans with low noise and long life span
  • Up to 24 programmable time period, perfect simulation effect of sunrise and sunset
  • A swanky spherical form, with professional glossy finish and great colored accents
  • Wirelessly controllable through the Spectra software and support multiple units control
  • 20 high efficiency 3w/5w diodes which are grouped together behind a custom lens
  • Cluster for optimal blending of LED colors