Sera Phosvec-Clear Phosphate Remover & Water Clarifier

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sera phosvec·clear

Mineral as well as dead organic material (detritus) may cause annoying cloudiness of the aquarium water. The latter can additionally increase the phosphate level in the water and thus support algae growth.

sera phosvec・clear immediately binds the cloudiness and makes them collectable by the filter. At the same time, it removes excess phosphate and thus prevents excess algae growth. For lastingly crystal clear and clean water.

  • Removes mineral cloudiness
  • Removes the main algae nutrient phosphate
  • For lastingly crystal clear, clean water
Directions for use:
Use the cap as a measure.
Do not use if the carbonate hardness is below 6°dKH – danger of suddenly sinking pH values! (Check with the sera kH-Test before application; if applicable increase with sera KH/pH-plus; monitor the pH value with the sera pH-Test during application.) Add 5 ml* sera phosvec·clear for every 5.3 US gal. (20 l) of water. Effective fine filtration (e.g. sera filter wool) removes the bound particles particularly quickly. If applicable, remove sunken flakes using the sera gravel washer. Ensure good aeration during the application!
*One capful, filled up to the end of the outer corrugation, equals 0.3 fl.oz./10 ml.
Previously known as Phosvec and Phosvec-EX