SAS 3 in 1 Shrimp Starter Pack


3 in 1 Starter Pack

The 3 in 1 Starter Pack by Shrimp Aquatic Solutions was envisioned to be a simple solution for three challenging and often overlooked obstacles faced by every shrimp hobbyist whether new or a seasoned veteran. Another great product from SAS - Shrimp Aquatic Solutions.

Each of the 3 component 15G products included are intended to provide the frame work for a successful shrimp aquarium. The first component Mineral Booster is included to provide a fundamental water column conditioner, Shrimp Snow provides a staple diet for specifically suited to shrimp calcium requirements and Shrimp Aid is a built by design solution to vastly reduce shrimp fry mortality which few shrimp hobbyists properly address.

Mineral Booster 15g:

Mineral Booster is made from 100% Natural Clays and minerals that supercharge your filtration system. Mineral Booster will assist the process of detoxifying harmful chemicals and unwanted odours while adding minerals and trace elements to the aquarium. During application to the aquarium Mineral Booster will cloud the water column as it goes to work binding particles and solids resulting in a crystal-clear water column after 24 hours. Makes fish healthier and easier to breed by adding essential trace elements.

Shrimp Snow 15g:

Shrimp Snow was developed as the complete place and forget shrimp food. Place in your aquarium until consumed without adverse water quality impacts ideal for short holiday periods. 100% Organic Soy Bean husks high in amino acids and fiber with added vitamins and minerals to provide a complete shrimp diet. Shrimp Snow promotes the growth of mycelia that all shrimp and especially baby shrimp graze on for better growth and moult success. Shrimp Snow is suitable for all species of shrimp and invertebrates.

Shrimp Aid 15g:

Shrimp Aid is an immunity booster focused diet especially developed for shrimplets during their most vulnerable moments in their development. Made from 100% Australian Organic ingredients including Peas, Spinach, Kale, Spirulina and Bee Pollen. Shrimp Aid is a perfectly formulated blend of Calcium, Magnesium, Enzymes, Beneficial Bacteria and Vegetable Proteins to ensure the best start to life for young shrimp.

Successful moults require significant energy and exoskeleton mineral reserves especially critical for young shrimp such as those just released into the aquarium by their mother. Shrimp that are just a few hours old need to quickly find food to build up adequate energy and mineral reserves to moult. Unsuccessful moults are a primary cause of mortality in young shrimp and often why most shrimp hobbyists may observe female shrimps with large quantities of eggs and only see a handful survive to juvenile sizes. Shrimp Aid was developed to assist hobbyists with this particularly difficult challenge.