Reptile One Single T8 Reflector


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The Reptile One and Aqua One T8 Reflector is a low profile, single tube reflector that can be used to house your UVB fluorescent tube.

The T8 Reflectors can also provide essential lighting for your aquariums and enhance the natural colours of your aquatic life.

  • Energy efficient
  • Low profile reflector provides more flexibility for placement
  • Perspex cover provides a high level of water resistance
  • Efficient electronic ballast, no need to replace starters
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Sturdy aluminium design

Sizes available

tem Code Wattage   Actual Length    Tube Length
46572 18/20W 64CM  24”/60CM
46573 30W 94CM  36”/90CM
46574 36/40W 124CM  48”/120CM


Light tube not included, sold separately.