Reptile One Moonlight Halogen Heat Lamp


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Reptile One Halogen Heat Lamps are designed to last longer and utilise less electricity, resulting in an efficient, cost-effective option to heat your reptile.

Reptile One halogen bulbs are designed to last up to 2,000* hours whilst being more energy efficient when compared to incandescent bulbs. (* Based on constant and stable electricity supply.)

The range includes - Daylight, Neodymium, Moonlight and Infrared lamps, with each range starting at 28W, going up to a max of 100W in certain models. With such a comprehensive new range, you will be sure to find the right heat lamp for your reptiles.

Not suitable for use with dimming thermostats

Features & Benefits:

  • The Moonlight Halogen is a low light heat source providing a purple hue that replicates natural moonlight conditions, and functions as a heat source for nocturnal reptiles.

  • Save on your power bills! Halogen lighting is a more efficient and cost-effective lighting option. Please see the conversion chart to see how incandescent lighting compares!
  • High efficiency, next-generation halogen broad spectrum lighting technology for your reptile collection.
  • May be used in conjunction with other UVB light sources such as T8 tubes or compact UVB bulbs.


Specifications: Available in 3 different sizes

  • 46684 - Halogen Heat Lamp Moonlight 28W Eqv 40w E27 Fitting
  • 46686 - Halogen Heat Lamp Moonlight 52W Eqv 75w E27 Fitting
  • 46687 - Halogen Heat Lamp Moonlight 72W Eqv 100w E27 Fitting