Ocean Free NanoSkim


Ocean Free NANOSKIM The Nano Tank Marine Protein Skimmer

Features: • Lime Wood Air Stone • Compact Design • Easy Maintenance • Removable Collection Cup • Can be installed in aquarium or filter compartment.

The Ocean Free NANOSKIM is designed for easy removal of organic waste compounds from your marine aquarium or marine nano Tank.

Fine bubbles that are created by the air stone (air pump required, not included) traps dissolved organic waste compounds and forms a dense foam at the water surface. The constant upwards airflow forces the foam into the collection cup which can then be removed.

The Ocean Free NANOSKIM effectively skims the waste materials off, thus preventing bacteria from decomposing these organic compounds to nitrate and phosphate. It also helps to reduce the amount of harmful free floating bacteria.

Ideal for all types of Marine Aquariums up to 60cm.

Size: 39cm tall x 4.5cm dia (skimmer)/7cm dia (cup) excluding mounting brackets.

Included Parts List • Main Nanoskimmer body • Collection Cup • Lime Wood Air Stone • Mounting Bracket with Clamp-on and Suction cup

You will need an air pump to operate this protein skimmer (not included)