Ocean Free Nano Marine Black 63L

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The Marine Nano Fully Glass Panoramic Nano Fish Tank comes complete with Super Bright Dual Mode L.E.D Lighting (daylight & moonlight mode) and rear-tank Filtration complete with its own Nanoskim Protein Skimmer, all hidden away from view allowing the tank to be landscaped beautifully without being spoiled by unsightly Filter Pumps.

The telescopic arm LED Lighting System clips onto the back of the tank and can be angled in a variety of different ways thanks to its flexible arm. The dual model LED lighting is perfect for Small Fish Tanks and offers the option of daylight or blue moonlight modes, with extra bright compact LED's creating stunning ripple effects in the water. L.E.D lighting is more efficient and economical than traditional lighting, making it cheaper to run.

Included with these Nano aquariums is a smart Rear Tank Filtration System with removable filter cartridges for easy maintenance. Each tank filtration system is supplied with Coarse & fine bio foams, Bio Wool, Ceramic bio rings and activated carbon. There is enough room inside the Filter compartments for additional Filter Media and a small Heater if required.

The Marine Nano is the perfect solution for marine of reef keeping on a desk at work, school or at home or anywhere where space may be at a premium but the delight of marine keeping is preferred - these Marine Nano Fish Tanks are an amazing sight once landscaped and stocked with your favourite fish.


  • Removable protein skimmer (included)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Smart back filter system
  • Super bright LED clamping light
  • Full colour spectrum rendering
  • Daylight/Moonlight settings: 26.16W( 3w x 4 14000k LED, 4 x 1.5w 12000k LED and 4 x 1.5W 'X' LED) + (9 x 0.24W Actinic Blue)
  • Clear P.E.T.E hard cover, fish safe
  • Quality scratch resistant glass
  • 520 L/Hr filter pump.

Heater not included.

Size: 440mm x 360mm x 400mm