Ocean Free MF-G1 Pro Marine Pellet


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  • MF-G1 Marine Fish pellet is a state-of-the-art scientifically formulated fish feed specially for many species of Marine fish.
  • 1mm pellet size makes it ideal for a wide variety of fish.
  • MF-G1 Marine fish pellet contains a cocktail of nutrients from various sources to ensure that your fish will receive a wholesome meal that ensures rapid growth and development.
  • Ocean free's proprietary feed attractant increases palatability to ensure optimal consumption of feed. 
  • DS-G1 Discus Granules contain a cocktail of nutrients from various sources to ensure that your fish will receive a wholesome meal and ensure rapid growth and development. 
  • High content of Spirulina and Krill extracts with other natural colour enhancing elements that will improve colour within 2 weeks. 
  • Bio-formulated with immune-enhancing substances that fortify your fish's immune system for better health and extra resistance against sickness and viral diseases.
  • Contains OF Opti-MF, a thoroughly tested Omnivorous Metabolic Enhancer that enhances the feeds digestibility by up to 30%,
  • Opti-MF also improves finnage growth by funneling nutrients to the vertebrae and bones.

MF-G1 Marine fish pellet is the latest technological breakthrough in Marine fish nutrition for all carnivorous and omnivorous marine fishes. It is formulated to meet their special requirements in amino acid, lipid intake and also the types of carotenoids they can utilize. More importantly, it provides the different minerals and vitamins required for optimum growth.

Marine fish require very high protein and calcium intake demand especially when they are at the juvenile stage and also have a high demand for Astaxanthin and other carotenoids needed for colour development.

OF food is formulated to ensure that all Marine fish will be able to grow rapidly optimally depending on MF-G1 as the only feed intake and absorb all the necessary nutrients provided.

OF food is specially formulated to suit the unique development of many Marine fish including Angelfish (Large), Angelfish (Dwarf), Anthias, Bass & Groupers, Basslets & Assessors. Batfish, Blennies, Boxfish & Pufferfish. Butterflyfish. Cardinalftsh, Chromis, Clownfish, Damsels, Dartfish. Dragonets, Filefish, Goatfish, Gobies, Grunts, Hamlet. Hawkfish, Hogfish, Jacks, Parrotfish, Pipefish, Pseudochromis. Rabbitfish, Seahorse, Tangs, Tilelish. Triggertish and Wrasses.

MF-G1 Marine Fish pellet is a guaranteed hormone-free product that uses only the finest ingredients to ensure that your Marine fish receive nutrition of the highest quality.