Ocean Free FH-G1 Pro Head Flowerhorn Pellets


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FH-G1 ProHead pellet is the latest technological breakthrough in fish nutrition for Flowerhorns.  Induces greater development of head growth and improves the contour of the Nuchal Hump. Most importantly, FH-G1 Flowerhorn Pellets is a guaranteed hormone-free product that uses only the finest ingredients to ensure that your Flowerhorn receives nutrition of the highest quality.

FH-G1 Prohead is a unique, state of the art scientifically formulated fish feed to induce rapid head growth for all Flowerhorn breeds. Shape of head growth will also improve through constant feeding. Our proprietary feed attractant increases palatibility to ensure optimal consumption of feed.

FH-G1 Pro Head contains a special head growth enhancing ingredient, this helps in faster overall growth and most importantly head growth. High content of spirulina and deep sea zooplankton extracts with other natural colour enhancing elements that will improve the fish’s sparkle dots in 1-2 weeks.

Bio formulated with immune enhancing substances that fortify your Flowerhorn’s immune system for better health and extra resistance against sickness and viral diseases.

Contains OF Opti-FH, a thoroughly tested carnivorous metabolic enhancer that enhances the feeds digestibility and absorbability by at least 30%. Opti-FH also improves the growth of the finnage by channeling nutrients to the vertebrae and bones.

Ingredients: Special head growth enhancing ingredient, fish protein, quality white fish meal, krill, spirulina, wheat germ, dried yeast, wheat flour, antarctic shrimps, protease, stable multi-vitamin and minerals, lecithin, immune substance, calcium, enzyme, organic minerals and ocean free opti-FH

Typical analysis: minimum protein 50%, minimum fat 6%, fibre maximum 3%, maximum ash 13%.