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Lee's Ultimate GravelVac 25' Kit

LA52 11570

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Tough plastic vacuum system attaches easily to any faucet and uses water pressure to siphon, then drain, dirty aquarium water directly into you sink.

  • Gravel cleaner quickly refills your aquarium with clean water by flipping Super Pump valve.
  • Removable Cleaning Claw attachment for vacuum tube protects small fish and delicate plants.
Keep routine aquarium water changes safe for fish and free of heavy lifting. Lee's Ultimate GravelVac Kit includes a removable Fish-Saver Cleaning Claw to prevent fish from being drawn in during draining and cleaning of aquariums. This clever safety feature protects valuable livestock while ensuring superior gravel cleaning even in hard-to-clean corners.

Ultimate GravelVac eliminates heavy lifting by using water pressure from your faucet to effortlessly drain and fill your aquarium. Simple operation of the Super Pump sink attachment and Manual Valve provides complete water flow control when removing or adding water to your aquarium. Durable plastic construction for corrosion-free use.

Ultimate GravelVac Kit Includes:

  • 10" Gravel Vacuum Cylinder
  • GravelVac Cap
  • Cleaning Claw
  • 25 ft length of flexible hose
  • Manual Valve
  • Male Hose Coupler
  • Female Hose Couplers (2)
  • Plastic Faucet Adapter
  • Super Pump

Get the most out of your unit by replacing old or worn parts with authentic Lee's brand replacement parts.

Super Pump
Connects the GravelVac hose to the sink faucet and regulates the flow of water in and out of the aquarium during routine maintenance.

Male Hose Coupler
Male fitting used to connect 1/2" inside-diameter tubing.

Female Hose Coupler
Female fitting used to connect 1/2" inside-diameter tubing.

Manual Valve
Valve used to control water flow during draining or filling water.

Plastic Faucet Adapter
Adapter connects the Super Pump to most sink faucets.

Metal Faucet Adapter
Adapter connects the Super Pump to most sink faucets.

Cleaning Claw
Protects fish and plants from being drawn into hose during draining and cleaning of aquarium. Also, during filling of aquarium, the Cleaning Claw acts like a showerhead and softens the impact of water on fish and plants.


To Clean and Drain Aquarium

  1. Attach the Faucet Adapter and Super Pump to water faucet located above a drain.
  2. Inset the Fish-Saver Cleaning Claw Assembly into the aquarium.
  3. Rotate and pull down the bottom of Super Pump.
  4. Open Manual Valve.
  5. Turn on water at faucet to start siphoning action.
  6. Insert the Fish-Saver Cleaning Claw into the gravel and move from side to side or front to rear in the direction of the vanes.

Note: While cleaning, adjust water flow using either the faucet or Manual Valve so that the maximum amount of debris is removed with the minimum amount of water. Use the square corners of the Fish-Saver Cleaning Claw to reach hard-to-clean corner area.

To Fill Aquarium

  1. Push up bottom of the Super Pump and rotate.
  2. When aquarium is full, close Manual Valve.

Caution: When refilling aquarium, be sure the water temperature is the same as the water in the aquarium. Fill tank slowly so that water temperature adjustments can be made. If ammonia and/or chlorine are present in tap water, add appropriate removal agents to aquarium water before refilling to protect fish and plant life.