Jurassic Natural Cypress Bark 8L


The cypress family, a group of conifers with scale like leaves, is believed to have originated more than 200 million years ago, when Pangaea was intact. Red Cypress is native to Australia.

Cypress bedding is a light weight bedding, and due to the way it loosely packs within the terrarium it is ideal for reptiles that enjoy burrowing. Cypress absorbs large amounts of moisture and readily allows for evaporation, translating to higher humidity within the enclosure whilst avoiding damp bedding.


Spread evening to the depth of approx 2 inches (4-5cm) around the base of your terrarium. You can create mounds and gullies that suit your terrain designs.

When used for planting, be sure to build up enough substrate to cover any roots or hold your plants firmly.

Can be mixed with Tropical Coco Soil and Sphagnum Moss for an extra rich combination. Spot clean as required and replace or top up periodically