Hydor Crystal Internal Power Filter K20 (40-90L, 450L/h)


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INTERNAL FILTER is a two-step filtering system. The first filtering step is carried out by an open cell filter foam and the second by a container which can be filled with activated carbon or other filter media for perfect mechanical, biological and chemical filtration.

Water circulated through the filter is cleaned in two stages: firstly debris and large particles are removed by the foam sponge (mechanical filtration), secondly by filling the media container with either carbon (which enhances purity and clarity of water) or ceramic media (for bacteria colonization which controls the nitrate level).

  • Suits fresh and saltwater
  • Multi directional flow control
  • Built in aeration feature
  • Functional media chamber
  • Contains foam insert and carbon

The Crystal Internal Filter incorporates a Venturi system for the oxygenation of the water. In order to work correctly the air intake has to be over the water level. The quantity of air can be adjusted by the air ow control knob. The flow can be directed over 90° by rotating the filter unit.

Model Power Flow L/hr Aquarium size
K20 5W 450 40-90L
R05 10W 650 80-150L
R10 11W 800 120-200L
R20 12W 900 200-300L