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Forwater Sediment Cartridge RSO101


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Professional sediment cartridge 1 micron for deep filtration for Osmo Professional Osmosis reverse osmosis systems and for all other osmosis plants that require efficient filtration without yield losses and with lower pressure drops.

Made with a special technology that guarantees a deep filtration increasing the effectiveness of retention of impurities and the duration of the filter compared to traditional ones.


  • effective depth filtration     
  • uniformity of filtration on the whole surface     
  • higher yield     
  • greater resistance to compression     
  • greater stability     
  • less lose load     
  • no release of fibers

The cartridges are tested to have a minimum filtration of 96-99% being able to retain all the particles having a diameter of 1 micron and effectively removing suspended solids, sediments and sand, pollen, coal dust, rust. It can be used for all the systems that need an effective depth filtration to safeguard microfiltration plants and reverse osmosis.

Average life: 2000 gallons of filtered water and replacement is recommended within 6 months.