Fluval FX6 Canister Filter (1500L, 3500L/h)


The FX6 circulates and filters 3500L of water an hour designed to suit aquariums up to 1500L.  It has an astounding filter media capacity that produces the cleanest and healthiest results ever.

Filtering media can easily be placed in a removable stack of media baskets which is at the heart of Fluval’s multi-stage filtration. The baskets are precision-engineered to eliminate water by-pass, making filtration more efficient.

The baskets can hold a total of 5.9 litres of media and can be stacked in the precise combination of layers that will work best for your aquarium. Each one is lined with a foam insert for effective mechanical pre-filtering. Instant-release T-handles let you lift and separate the baskets quickly and easily, making routine maintenance simpler.

Water Change Feature

No need to carry buckets of water. Just attach an appropriate hose to the output and the Smart PumpTM Technology will do the rest.

POWERED FX GRAVEL VAC (sold separately)

Intelligent pump

Like FX5, Fluval FX6 also features Smart Pump Technology, an advanced technological feature that continually monitors the pump, constantly measuring impeller speed and force to ensure powerful output and energy efficiency. It also manages the filter’s self-starting feature and evacuates air that may enter or build up within the filtration system. On a 12-hour cycle, the pump will pause and allow trapped air to escape, ensuring the best filtration efficiency at all times..

For more information see the Fluval FX6 instruction manual

Key features:

    • Multi-stage filter produces clear and healthy aquarium water
    • For fresh and saltwater aquariums up to 1500 L (400 US Gal)
    • Flow rate: 563 L (2130 US Gal) per hour
    • Improved motor technology provides better performance and reliability while consuming 10% less electricity than previous model
    • With SMART PUMP™ Technology for optimal filter performance, efficiency and management
    • Click-Fit AquaStop valves allow fast setup and leak-proof maintenance
    • Valves are positioned at 45-degree angles and rotate for easy installation
    • Self-starting filter–just add water and plug in – SMART PUMP™ Technology will do the rest
    • Two maintenance indicators allow you to remember the month of your last filter maintenance and water change
    • Heavy-duty anti-clog telescopic strainer ensures continuous flow
    • Multi-directional output nozzles can be adjusted to create specific water flows
    • Purge valve with drain hose for easy maintenance and flushing of the canister
    • Includes all filtering media 
    • Water change feature eliminates need to carry buckets of water– simply attach appropriate hose to the output, SMART PUMP™ Technology does the rest 
    • Only 54 cm (21 in) in height, Fluval FX6 fits under most aquariums

What's Included:

    • Rubber hosing
    • Foam, BioMax and Carbon Pad media
    • Rim Connectors, clips and suction cups
    • Inake stem
    • Output nozzle
    • Lid fasteners
    • Filter canister
    • Utility valve and hosing
    • Drain cap
    • Pump unit (motor) and power cord
    • Rubbert feet
    • Media baskets
    • 1/2 media baskets
    • Filter lid and other accessories


For Aquariums up to: 1500L (400 US Gal)

Pump Output 3500 l/h (925 gph US)

Mechanical Area (Foam): 325.5 in2 / 2100 cm

Filter Circulation: 2130 l/h / 563 gph (US)

Filtration Volume: 20L / 5.28 US gallons

Head Height (max.): 10.8ft 3.3 m

120 V/60 Hz: 43W 230-240 V/50 Hz: 41 W