Fluval Cichlid Flakes 32g


Fluval Cichlid foods are enriched with multiple high-quality protein sources such as Earthworm meal, which fosters growth and strong breeding instincts.

  • Multiple premium proteins (Atlantic Herring, Norwegian Krill, Atlantic Shrimp, Green Mussels, Earthworm) for a better amino profile, growth and development
  • Earthworm meal fosters strong breeding instincts
  • Powerful, nutrient-dense vitamins and minerals for improved digestion, fertility, eyesight, bone structure, immune and nervous system
  • Rich in Omega-3 and 6 for better skin and fin condition, reduced effect to common cuts and scrapes
  • Sustainably-harvested kelp preserves ocean stocks and is rich in omega 3, polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins and complex carbohydrates
  • No artificial colorants

Fluval believes in using only the freshest, purest ingredients from natural sources. Our nutritional experts travel the globe to establish and maintain relationships with a select group of trustworthy and responsible suppliers who share this vision and allow us to offer consistent, high-quality nutrition that far exceeds industry standards.

To provide added assurance that your fish receive great, ultra-palatable nourishment, we never add fillers or artificial colourants to our formulas, and always produce food in small batches for superior freshness and quality control..

Premium Proteins

Fluval foods feature superior, wild-caught protein sources such as Herring and Krill, which are harvested from the pristine cold waters of Norway and Iceland. In our Vegetarian formula, we’ve included Spirulina Pacifica from Hawaii, which is world-renowned as the best-quality spirulina protein available. First-class proteins such as these not only provide powerful energy and growth potential for your fish, but also help to fortify a greater immune system for increased disease protection..

Multiple Proteins

Protein is the most important component of a fish’s diet, however, not all proteins are created equal. Fluval not only provides premium proteins, but a variety of these sources in order to build a better amino profile, which is a major factor in determining growth and development. Always read the label to ensure quality proteins are listed within the first few ingredients.

Powerful Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies are often difficult to detect and can result in fish loss. Fluval includes a complete, balanced mix of choice, nutrient-dense vitamins and minerals that help improve digestion, fertility, eyesight, immune and nervous system defense, bone structure and overall growth.

No artificial colourants

Unlike many other fish foods available on the market today, Fluval foods contain no artifical colourants, which are unnecessary and serve no nutritional value. Our formulas are naturally-coloured due to the wholesome ingredients they include..

Rich in Omega-3 & 6

All Fluval formulas contain quality salmon oil, which helps to maintain skin and fin condition and offer added protection from de-pigmentation as well as the harmful effects of cuts and scrapes.

Sustainable Kelp

All Fluval food formulations contain highly nutritious Kelp, a rich source of Omega-3, in addition to polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins and complex carbohydrates for a complete diet. We take great measures to ensure our Kelp is harvested in an ecologically-responsible way to help preserve ocean stocks and provide future generations with a sustainable supply.