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Fluval Bio-FX Biological Media 5L


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Fluval Bio-FX is a premium biological media designed for use with canister filters and sumps of all sizes, in both fresh and marine aquariums.  Featuring a deep pore structure with interconnected micro-tunnels, Fluval Bio-FX offers a vast surface area where billions of beneficial nitrifying bacteria can thrive.

The three-dimensional linked cavities permit water to flow freely through the Bio-FX nodes, discouraging blockages while prolonging contact time for superior and effective biological filtration, which in turn allows for the establishment of a high concentration of nitrifying bacteria to reduce ammonia and nitrite quickly and efficiently for a healthier aquarium.

Fluval Bio-FX is a safe and inert media which will not alter the waters chemical composition.

Actual pellet size of 1.8 x 2cm each approx.