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Exo Terra Forest Bark / Natural Terrarium Substrate 26.4L


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The Exo Terra Terrarium Forest Bark is a great substrate for your reptiles tank that is as useful as it is decorative, helping you to create an ideal and comfortable environment for your animals.
  • 100% natural Fir bark
  • Hygroscopic, readily absorbs and releases moisture
  • Perfect for humidity-loving reptiles
  • Controls air humidity levels
  • Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behaviour
  • Absorbs waste
  • Decorative

This substrate is made of of 100 percent natural Fir bark, helping you to give your reptiles the experience of their natural habitat in their tank. The Exo Terra Terrarium Forest Bark uses its natural make up to simulate the sensations felt when digging in the wild, allowing your animals to rummage and burrow as they normally would, bringing a new dimension to their enclosure. As well as this, the Exo Terra Terrarium Forest Bark can make a final stylish finishing touch to your reptiles tank, providing a decorative quality as well as a functional one to give the appearance of a natural environment.
Along with how it looks however, the Exo Terra Terrarium Forest Bark is completely Hygroscopic, meaning that it helps to absorb and release moisture as would be the case in the natural habitat. This helps to control humidity in your reptiles tank, making it an extremely useful substrate for your animals. As well as this, the Exo Terra Terrarium Forest Bark can help to absorb any waste, helping you to keep your reptiles tank clean.
This substrate is easily spread throughout your animals tank and comes ready to use, while the Exo Terra Terrarium Forest Bark can be simply scooped up and disposed of when it has been used.