Eheim reeflex UV Steraliser Replacement UVC Bulb for 350, 500 or 800



Replacement UV-C Bulb for Eheim reeflex UV Steralisers 350, 500 or 800.

The EHEIM reeflexUV clarifiers use UV-C radiation to clean aquarium water in fresh and sea water aquariums and are operated in the filter system's water cycle (discharge side) or by using a separate circulation pump (not included).

Aquarium water permanently flows through a glass tube and past the UV-C bulb inside the aluminium body. As a result, free floating algae, bacteria, fungi, viruses and other pathogens are reduced or eliminated.

EHEIM reeflexUV reduces microorganisms in the water and eliminates turbidity more efficiently than ever before.

reeflexUV is yet another typical innovation from EHEIM: due to a built-in reflector the microorganism killing UV-C radiation is significantly increased and whereas in conventional UV-sterilisers the water is directed via detours past the UV-C burner, in the EHEIM reeflexUV water it takes the direct route. There is no loss of performance, you need less energy and the level of effectiveness is 1.8 times greater.

reeflexUV should only be used in conjunction with the filter, in order to reduce small organisms (microorganisms, algae spores etc.) in the aquarium.

There are 3 models available for aquariums from 80 up to 800 litres..