Eheim Professionel 3e 450 Electronic Filter (450L, 1700L/h)


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Filter of the highest class with electronic control – also with PC connectivity 
Professionel 3e is the electronic version of our professionel 3 top class  external filter with all the benefits of this range such as 
  • high performance with very low energy consumption
  • very quiet running and long service life due to ceramic components
  • automatic self-priming 
  • Safety hose adapter
  • large prefilter, easy intermediate cleaning, extra long intervals between cleaning  
  • filter baskets for customised filling (media not included)

Electronic control
The electronics offer a variety of functions  and retains your settings. Operation is simple just by using only 3 buttons on the filter or (with EHEIM  Interface and Software – see below) via PC. 
Output control Increase or decrease the water throughflow – to create the best conditions for your aquarium. The maximum output outperforms that of conventional filters by far. 
Constant flow
Once set, the flow rate will constantly compensate for increasing clogging inside the filter. The electronics readjust automatically. This guarantees a consistent flow rate and long intervals between cleaning. 
Stream function
Flow rate setting to individual choice provides natural wave effect in the aquarium. In nature the water flow changes constantly. 
12h bio function
Set up two different flow rates in a 12 hour cycle. Ideal for planted tanks.
Service indicator
At the touch of a button the time till the next cleaning operation is displayed by LED
Auto air out
Air pockets under the pump head are detected and automatically removed by an electronic program. 
Electronic error management
Constant electronic system monitoring. Irregularities are detected and shown in the display. At the same time a program starts, which automatically attempts to remove the causes.
PC connectivity
From a PC the professionel 3e offers even more possibilities and additional features. 
EHEIM Interface
With the USB converter (cable length 3 m.) the EHEIM professionel 3e can be connected to a computer via the USB interface The interface is available as an optional accessory.
Article No. 2076010
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For aquariums of about. 240.00 l
For aquariums up to approx. 450.00 l
Pump power (50 Hz) per hour of approx. 1,700.00 l
Pumping head approx. (H max at 50 Hz) 2.40 m
Power(50 Hz) to 10 watt
Power(50 Hz) of 35 watt
Filter volume 6.00 l
Pre filter volume 0.60 l
Container volume 12.50 l
Width 264.00 mm
Height 474.00 mm
Depth 264.00 mm
Voltage 230 volt
Standard power plug AUS
Hose Ø Suction side(inside) 16.00/22.00  mm
Hose Ø Druckseite(inside) 16.00/22.00  mm
Freshwater yes
Sea water yes
For outdoor use no