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Eheim Pro 3 XL 2080 Filter (1200L, 1700L/h)



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We are authorised resellers: 3 year warranty backed by the Australian distributor, PremierPet.

Watch this YouTube Clip by Eheim for more information on this great range of filters!

Media not included. This external canister filter with a pump output of 1700L per hour offers previously unknown convenience for aquarium sizes up to 1200L. Operating large aquariums has never been so easy!

Filter volume + pump output + unbeatable comfort elements = 2080

The ergometric priming lever fills the 25 l filter canister with just a few movements. The filter system is filled with this convenient priming support at “the push of a button“ and immediately the system starts working. Complicated priming principles for which every aquarium owner developed his own more or less inconvenient and often also wet technology are now a thing of the past.

The water is sucked in through 2 priming hoses. This is new and means: 2 priming hoses with 2 prime strainers ensure perfect water replacement in ALL zones in large aquariums. The water is returned into the aquarium through 1 pressure line. Thus EHEIM professionel 3 is the first external canister filter with a triple adapter. This adapter can be detached only when it is closed together with the safety catch. That prevents faulty operation. A flow rate indicator in a conspicuous position displays amount of pumped water. Here you can immediately tell when the filter needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning is very simple with professionel 3:
The filter has castors which are designed so that the filter can easily be maneuvered by tipping it slightly. The filter is firmly positioned on skids in its place.

Thanks to 4 large, easy-to-use safety clips the filter can be opened and closed in a matter of seconds.

The NEW, large pre-filter with a volume of 1.5L is located directly under the pump head. Pre-filtering takes place here. Coarse particles of dirt are immediately caught and cannot collect on the bottom of the canister. Thus the cleaning intervals are longer and cleaning is much easier. To clean the pre-filter, transport it with the enclosed trough to the nearest water tap, wash out the supplied coarse pre-filter pad and then reinsert the clean pre-filter. That is comparable to a short pit stop. You can remove coarse particles of dirt out of your filter with very little effort.
Now the pre-cleaned water falls to the bottom of the canister and starts to flow through 3 filter baskets which hold 4 l respectively (filter volume: 12L + 1.5L pre-filter = 13.5L). Thanks to these easy-to-use filter baskets, partial/complete cleaning or partial/complete replacement of the filter media is much easier. The professionel 3 complete filter media set 2520800 – all filter media for your EHEIM filter in one set – is available as an accessory.

EHEIM high performance ceramics, i.e. high quality ceramic components, provide for very quiet continuous operation characteristics.

Media Supplied Separately.