Eheim Pick Up 200 Carbon Cartridge 2 Pack (2627120)


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Activated carbon cartridge (2 pcs) for internal filter pickUp 200 (Type 2012)

Carbon cartridges for absorptive filtration

For the absorptive filtering - that is to remove chemical pollutants (chlorine, drug residues, etc.) - there are specially treated charcoal cartridges.

Absorptive filtering is normally only necessary during the entry phase of the aquarium or after the use of medication.

The filter cartridges should only be used for a limited period of time (approx. 4 weeks) and then removed or replaced.

Further facts:

  • Specially treated charcoal cartridges
  • Removal of chemical pollutants (chlorine, drug residues, etc.)
  • Use only for a limited period (approx. 4 weeks)