EHEIM Climacontrol+ L (2000L)- Chiller & Heater

EH3752360 - Special order (usually arrives within a week)

You can use EHEIM climacontrol+ to cool down the water temperature on hot days or warm it up on cold days, just as your aquarium inhabitants need it.

EHEIM climacontrol+ is our new electronically controlled climate control device. You simply set the ideal water temperature wirelessly - via smartphone, tablet, or PC/MAC. If the water is too warm, the unit automatically cools down, and if it gets too cold it warms up. The unit monitors and controls everything.

Also, it gives you advanced warning of any problems, such as if the required temperature is exceeded or undershot by 2 °C for more than 5 minutes, you receive a warning e-mail.

High outdoor temperatures often cause the aquarium water to overheat in summer. This is extremely harmful to fish and all other living creatures. For example if the temperature is too high, corals die in the marine aquarium, and in freshwater aquariums, oxygen deficiency and algae proliferation occur quickly.

EHEIM climacontrol+ is the optimal climate control device for aquariums. It has low energy consumption and works with environmentally friendly coolant.

technical data EHEIM climacontrol+ L
für fresh- and marine water aquariums up to 2000 l
water flow rate min. 500 l/h
water flow rate max. 800 l/h
cooling power: 400 W
heating power: 300 W
noise level: 51-54 db
dimensions: 310 x 310 x 531 mm (length x width x height)
hose connection 16/22, 19/27 mm