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Eco Tech Deluxe Mini Heat Mat


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The Eco Tech heat mat is designed to create an area of elevated temperature inside a small glass tank. With an adhesive backing, the heat mat is stuck to the side or back of the glass tank. Position the mat as low as possible so that the mat extends below and above the substrate used.

The mat can be used on the base of the tank providing there is an air gap beneath the mat once attached. Add spacers to lift the tank if required. DO NOT use on the base of the tank if a thick substrate is used, the heat will not be able to travel through the substrate and the glass may crack.


  1. Determine where the mat will be placed ensuring there is no pressure on any mat connections.
  2. Clean the glass where the mat is be applied.
  3. Remove the paper backing and apply the mat to the glass in its final position. The mat is not removable, removing the mat may damage it and voids the warranty.
  4. Plug the mat into a suitable power source.
  5. Regularly test temperature and adjust overall heating profile as required. If the ambient temperature is high the mat can be turned off.