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Dymax Vortex Cooling Fan W-5


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Reducing water temperature in the aquarium is one of the problems to be achieve especially for reef & aquarium plant tank. The Dymax cooling fan is made to keep the aquarium temperature between 2-4C cooler than ambient room temperature. The fan can be clipped onto the edge of the aquarium and angled to obtained the desired current for evaporative cooling to occur. 

Besides being compact design and powerful performance, the fan is equipped with a “clip on” feature to suit most edges of the aquarium.

Its elegant and stylish design can generate high cooling effect with low power consumption.

For glass thickness up to 12mm.

Available in either Black or White.

Windy W-4 Windy W-7 Vortex W-5 Vortex W-8
Rated Voltage DC 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC 12V
Max Air Flow 4.0CFM 9.0CFM 5.06CFM 10.5CFM
Max Air Pressure 5.06 mmH2O 5.52 mmH2O 12.9 mmH2O 9.8 mmH2O
Acoustical Noise <35dB <35dB <44.5dB <37.5dB
Operating Temperature -10~16°C -10~60°C -10~16°C -10~16°C