Dymax IQ3 Nano Tank 6.5L

DM001 - Special order (usually arrives within 2 weeks)

Classic Black
Snowy White
Sweetie Pink
Misty Blue
Nature Green

The Dymax IQ3 Acrylic Aquarium is a stunning, high-quality mini acrylic aquarium complete with lighting and integrated filtration. Constructed from ultra-clear and durable 1/4" acrylic, the IQ3 has no sharp edges, and is stronger and safer than glass.

Suitable for Shrimp, a Betta or as a Nano Planted tank.

The filtration is hidden behind the built-in black acrylic false wall, and uses an overflow to keep the surface of the aquarium clear of oily buildup. The Bio-Sponge filter uses a diffusion plate to ensure even flow of water through the filter media; ensuring optimal performance. The filter is a trickle filter system using the Dymax 3 in 1 IQ media which combines mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. create a strong, yet gentle flow throughout the aquarium.

The Flex3 light is an ultra thin, smart touch LED with its unique flexible swing arm feature allows the light to easily swing away from the aquarium for maintenance.


  • IQ3 Nano Tank
  • Pump & Filter Media
  • LED lighting

Dimensions: 22cm x 17cmm x 20cm