Dymax Cichlid Max Floating Pellet


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Dymax Cichlid Max was designed to provide a complete and balanced diet for carnivorous cichlids with a formula rich in fish meal and krill.  This product is made to meet the exact nutritional requirements specific for all types of American Cichlids (North, Central and South America) as a daily diet, also containing wheat germ to promote good health, vigor and improve rapid digestion that is beneficial for your freshwater carnivorous fish.  Cichlid Max also contains linoleic acid to promote healthy organs, improve reproductive capacity and pre-cultured Astaxanthin to enhance colour.

  • Includes pure-cultured Astaxanthin to promote colouration
  • For all carnivorous cichlids and other large tropical fish
  • Premium ingredients that include garlic extract and prebiotics
  • Helps support immune system