Blue Planet Water Pump for Classic 40, 50 & 70 & Maxi/Mega EG536 AA290


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EG536 AA290A for Blue Planet Hexy Maxi, Mega, and Classic 40, Classic 50 and 50 Curves, and Classic 70 Aquariums.

Suitable replacement for the AA390 pump (discontinued).

*Blue Planet have moved to plain packaging for their spare parts. This item is now in a white box*

Model No.: AA290A (EG536)
Product Name: Submersible Pump (450L/Hr)

Suitable for use with Aquarium Model no.:
- AA600PGW
- AA600LGC
- AA755HGC
- AA450RPC
- AA600LGK

Suitable replacement for AA390 (discontinued) for Lagoon, Haven, Kingdom and select Classic 70.

Flow Rate: 450L/Hr
Watt: less than 5W