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Blue Planet Pond Bio-Clean


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Provides concentrated beneficial bacteria to clean pond water naturally. Starts and maintains intense biological activity remove toxic ammonia, nitrite and dissolved organic waste from pond water.

Previously known as Blue Planet Pond Bio-Active Rapid Start.

Organic material like fish waste, uneaten food or plant matter will add harmful ammonia and increase the general pollution of your aquarium. Blue Planet Pond Bio-Clean contains millions of natural micro-organisms which act to eliminate these substances. This will help ensure a clear aquarium, reduce maintenance and reduce growth of algae.

Blue Planet Pond Bio-Clean contains strains of Bacillus, Cytobactor and Paenibacillus species. Use of this product will decrease time needed to start your aquarium. Blue Planet Pond Bio-Clean assists fish health by improving the eco-system making them more disease resistant.

Suitable for Freshwater Ponds only.

Directions for use:
For best results, aquarium water temperature should be above 15°C and pH above 6.5. Discontinue use through winter or when temperature is below 15°C.

Dosage: 80ml per 200L initially, then 40ml per 200L weekly.