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Blue Planet Filter Media Cartridge 6 Pack for R-010, R-020 & R-025 Filter Boxes


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Besides the usual wool and activated carbon, these handy media blocks also include Zeolite which removes ammonia build ups from uneaten food & fish waste. Thus keeping the water clearer for longer. A small handle is added for ease of change so say goodbye to touching dirty filter media!

This R-025 cartridge can be used on those filter boxes with marking R-010, R-020 or R-025 on the clear cover. 

Each package comes with 6 cartridges. 

For small Blue Planet Aquariums from 8-30L including the Betta + 8L, Hexy Midi, Classic 20 & Classic Tall 28L.

Also fits the new model Deco O with the Stone Stacking filter unit. 

Suitable for use with Aquarium Model number:
AA270LGD, AA270LGK, AA310LGK, AA330PGC, AA340RGC, AA370LGC, AA370LGK, AA380RGC, AA440PGC, AA440PGD & AA550HGC. Check model number on the rating on top (or back) of the aquarium hood.


Lid Code Aquarium Media Pack
R-010 / FB-010 8L Midi EG744
R-020 / FB-020 Hexy Midi 21L, Classic 20L & Delta 20L EG744
R-030 / FB-030 Hexy Maxi 57L & Hexy Mega 68L EG745
R-040 / FB-040 / R-035 Classic 70 EG745
R-050 / FB-050 Lagoon 70L, Haven 70L & Kingdom 100L EG764
R-055 / FB-055 Classic 40L, 50L & 70L  EG745

R-060 / FB-065 / R-060-SC

Atlantis 140L, Vista 160L & Paradiso 160L EG764
R-070 / FB-070 Orient 220L & Atlantic 200L EG764