Blue Planet Algae Cure


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A common ailment of freshwater aquariums, algae can appear in many different shapes and sizes, including short beard algae, long strands of air algae or mats of fine blanket aglae. While it doesn't look very pretty, algae can also cause major problems with your water balance and clog your filters.

Blue Planet Alage Cure helps control algae in freshwater aquariums and ponds. Algae Clear will not affect plants or fish when used as directed. For heavy infestations, manually remove heavy algae growths before treatment.

Directions for use: Use at the rate of 5mL per 20 litres of aquarium water.

Shake bottle vigorously before each application. Do not overdose as plant damage may result. Results should be evident after 7 days. Maintain aeration and filtration during treatment. Treatment may be repeated after 14 days if necessary.

Algae growth is promoted by phosphates from excess fish food, fish waste and strong light. Increasing the frequency of partial water changes and decreasing the light source will also discourage algae growth.

Active Ingredients: 3g/L Simazine