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Blue Planet 10W 42.5cm LED for Serenelife Aquariums

EG736 - (please read the description for compatibility)

10 watt high powered LED lighting for Blue Planet SereneLife Aquariums. Glass  42.5cm tube with switch and mounting clip.

This LED suits the Atlantis, Haven, Paradiso, Lagoon & Kingdom aquariums, both LED models and the 13W fluorescent* units.

For the Vista, Orient & Atlantic aquariums this LED will only suit if you have previously purchased the Conversion Kit (now discontinued and unavailable). These LED tubes are shorter than the 12W LED lighting in the original models of these tanks and will not fit in these hoods as they don't reach the mounting points. You can check this by the measurement of 42.5cm or by counting the number of LEDs in each tube, if it is 10 you can use this LED.

You can retrofit these to fit inside the older model aquariums via a method of your own choosing, such as aquarium and heat safe silicone.


  • High Intensity Lighting: Stimulate Plant & Coral growth, replicating natural sunlight.
  • Creates a shimmering effect: An impressive natural lighting effect, seen throughout the aquarium.
  • Low Power consumption: Each bulb uses 1 watt power, reducing running costs as well as the environmental impact.
  • Contains no mercury: Fluorescent bulbs contain small amounts of mercury; LED’s use no heavy metals.
  • Increased Bulb life: An expected life span of 20,000hrs


8 x 1 Watt LED white light
Colour Parameters: Tc=6910K Dominant WL: Ed=488.5nm Purity=9.8%
Red Ratio: R=12.7% G=83.4% B=3.9% Peak WL;
Ep=447.2nm HWL: Ed=24.8nm

2 x 1 Watt LED Blue light
Colour Parameters: Tc=25000K Dominant WL: Ed=453.5nm Purity=98.8%
Red Ratio: R=1.6% G=9.1% B=89.3% Peak WL;
Ep=447.8nm HWL: Ed=20.1nm


*When upgrading your lighting from the older twin 13w flourescent fittings OR older LED, you will need to keep the black plastic plate the on/off switch is on as it is needed for the on/off switch in this kit. You will need a screwdriver to remove the on/off switch from the black plate that comes in the box, then reattach it to the black plate that is attached to your older lighting.