Blagdon Pro Pond UV Clarifier 24w (up to 21,600L)


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The Pro UV clarifier is effective for the long-term control of green water by exposing the pond water to ultraviolet (UV) light. It is a chemical free solution with no detrimental effects to the environment or water quality and ensures the destruction of algae and therefore 'green water.'

To be more precise, the green water algae contained within the pond water is drawn into the UVC via a suitably sized pond pump. The UV lamp, located within a quartz sleeve, allows the UV light to penetrate the pond water as it flows through the casing. This UV light kills the single celled algae and as a result binds it together to form larger clumps. These algae clumps will then be removed from the water by a suitably sized pond filter. To ensure effective algae control the UV lamp must be replaced annually.

Key features

  • Clears green water algae quickly and permanently
  • High output lamps
  • Proven reliability
  • 24W
  • For ponds up to 21,600L (no fish), 12,000L (with fish)