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Aquavitro Division Skimmer 125 (up to 475L)


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division™ skimmers are designed with the aquarist in mind and offer a host of unique features including a polycarbonate collection cup with built in handle, height based drain regulation, an innovative silencer, complete micro bubble removal, and air and water flow versatility. Its patent-pending base design and adjustable components make division skimmers the perfect solution to fit an assortment of sump configurations. They are easy to assemble right out of the box and start up in under a minute.


  • Unique Collection Cup Design : Impact resistant plastic design with molded handle and optional drain make for a versatile, highly durable collection cup.

  • Innovative Silencer Design : Versatile and highly effective air silencer design means a super quiet intake that can be placed anywhere along the drain spillway. Dual chambered for maximum noise reduction.

  • Additional Pump Option : The Secondary Pump Kit (sold separately) allows you to finely adjust the amount of water you want to treat. The Pump recirculates water and air on itself, reducing consumption and optimizing skimming. This increases skimming efficiency by up to 30%.

  • Complete Micro Bubble Removal : The addition of a sponge and sock to the drain spillway prevents micro bubbles that may irritate corals from being released into the aquarium.

  • External Pump : Allows for higher column volume with more contact time and surface area. Allows for easy maintenance of the pump at anytime.

  • High Drain Point/Height Based Drain Regulation : A high drain point means no resistance and a more stable level in the skimmer vs bottom draining designs. Adjust the height of the drain tube and drain spillway by turning the threaded rod to adjust the level of the water and foam in the reaction column.

  • Versatile Sump Placement : division™ skimmers can be configured in a variety of ways to best fit your setup. Turn the collection cup and the spillway to the front, back, or side. Additionally, the silencer can be positioned in multiple places along the spillway. Even the height of the spillway can be incrementally changed to achieve the best performance.

  • Cylindrical Column : Provides a longer path with more contact time for bubbles than with conical designs. This results in higher skimate volume and quality

  • Anti-Vibration O-rings and Rubber Feet : Additional sound-dampening features assist in silent skimmer operation

  • 50/50 Air to Water Balance : Optimal efficiency in skimmer input

  • Patent Pending Compact Base Design : Designed with a compact footprint in mind to fit in virtually any sump

  • Operation is Independent of Water Level in Sump : Variations in sump water level don't impact the function of the skimmer

division ™ 125 division ™250 division ™500
Reaction Column Volume 1.9 liters 3.9 liters 5.1 liters
Collection Cup Volume 0.5 liters 1.2 liters 1.2 liters
Height 45 cm 53 cm 64 cm
Clearance Height 47.5 cm 55.5 cm 66.5 cm
Footprint 21 x 11.2 cm 25.3 x 14 cm 25.3 x 14 cm


Maximum Load (extremely high SPS density) 175 liters 350 liters 720 liters
Average Load 500 liters 1000 liters 2000 liters
Sicce Pump SK 200 PSK 600 PSK 1000
Consumption (Watts)* 12-18 14-22 16-30
Air Flow MAX 200 liters 500 liters 900 liters
Water Flow MAX 300 liters 500 liters 900 liters
Recommended Water Height 14/20 cm 16/25 cm 16/25 cm