Aquatopia Bio-Sponge Filter


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Innovative sponge filters for small or breeding tanks, where little water disturbance is needed. Provides an optimised pore size for optimal mechanical and biological filtration.

Multi-layered to give the best possible filtration and yet gentle enough not to create too much turbulence. Bio-Sponge can be removed, rinsed and re-used.

Simply connect to an airpump, powerhead or hang on filter with standard airline (not included).

The whole Bio-Sponge area is efficiently used as a filter. No dead spots present.

Weighted base and easy to assemble.

Available in 3 sizes

  • Medium - up to 100L tank.  11.5cm diameter, sponge height 5cm
  • Large - up to 150L tank - 11cm diameter, sponge height 10cm
  • X-Large - up to 250L tank - 16cm diameter, sponge height 15cm


Replacement sponges not available.