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Aquatopia Betta Heater Mat


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Betta fish are a tropical fish with an ideal water temperature range of 24-30 degrees C. When the temperature gets lower than 24 degrees C, your Betta can become stressed and even die. In a climate like that of most areas of Australia, additional heating is needed to keep your fish happy and healthy.

The ideal heating for a small Betta fish tank or bowl is the Aquatopia Betta Fighter Heater, a heating mat that goes under the bowl to heat the water to a suitable temperature. Installation is very quick and easy, simply place the heater under the bowl and turn the power on. It is safe to use on all heat resistant surfaces. 

Suitable for small bowls/tanks with minimal gravel, up to 2.5L. For larger bowls/tanks or those with deep gravel, an internal heater is recommended. 

Do not use the Aquatopia Betta Fighter Heater if there is any damage to the plastic pad and do not under any circumstances use under water.

15cm x 15cm. 5w.