Aquatopia 6 in 1 Multi-function Aquarium Cleaner


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The 6 in one aquarium maintenance sensation from Aquatopia! Featuring a plant clipper, siphon pump, gravel cleaner, sharp cutter scraper, 90 degree sponge scrubber and sponge scrubber pad, this multi-function tool makes aquarium cleaning easy.

How to Use:

  1. Place the siphon cleaner into the tank, by moving up and down for a few times allowing the water flow to out automatically.
  2. Slot gravel cleaner into the gravel to remove dirt. The gravel blocker will prevent the gravel from draining.
  3. The sharp cutter scraper removes hardened algae.
  4. The 90° sponge scrubber removes corner algae.
  5. Sponge scrubber to access every corner of the tank.
  6. Plant clipper for planting.


  • 90° sponge scrubber
  • Sharp cutter scraper
  • Plant clipper
  • Sponge scrubber pad
  • Water flow controller
  • Extension joint
  • 2m tubing
  • Gravel blocker
  • Water controller
  • Gravel cleaner