Aqua Zonic Super Bright LED Clamp Lamp 27cm Freshwater


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  • 15.72w (10000k 1.5w x 3 + 8000k x 4 + Pink 1.5w x 3 LEDs) + (3 x 0.24w Pink LEDs - night mode)
  • Individually switchable dual light mode to replicate daylight and moonlight conditions.
  • The small sized LED allows for sleeker, slimmer case design.
  • Low heat emission compared to other light forms.
  • Low electrical consumption, greater energy savings.
  • Recreates the daytime and moonlight conditions of nature.
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals like conventional lighting.
  • Extra bright 1.5W Led bulbs for better illumination
  • Dimensions (light display part): 27x4cm