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Aqua Zonic Evo Slim LED White


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Evo Slim LED White: Provides white lighting similar to natural daylight in a budget format.

  • Easy to install. Extendable Leg and Clamp (included) allow the light to be easily mounted.
  • Beautiful Colours. Daylight White that is close to natural daylight.
  • Energy Saving. Low electrical consumption, greater energy savings!
  • Cool. Low heat emission compared to other light forms.


Colour Enhancement of Blood Parrots, Cichlids, Discus, Flower Horn, Goldfish, Guppies, Tetras and other freshwater fishes. Suitable for low & medium light plants. 

Depending on tank depth and light output required, two units may be needed.

Length Power  Fits aquariums (with extendable arms)
30cm 7.5W 30 - 40cm
45cm 10.5W 45 - 55cm
60cm 12W 60 - 70cm