Aqua Medic Tonga Pearls


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Tonga Pearls are a completely new and thus a unique limestone material. The micro/mini pearls are produced under strict quality controlled conditions. Its composition and crystal structure corresponds to natural coral sand.

Due to its texture and very white appearance, Tonga Pearls is ideal as a substrate in saltwater aquaria. Invertebrates such as anemones, cylinder roses, tube worms and wrasses can dig in Tonga Pearls with ease. Furthermore, this substrate is easily shifted by gobies.

Tonga pearls correspond to the calcareous skeleton of corals in their crystal structure and this is the basis for a well-functioning aquarium. Tonga Pearls is not a fossil material. It is neither obtained by the extraction of rock nor by a removal from the sea and is therefore resource-saving and also free from impurities.