Aqua Medic Ozone 25


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Ozone generators are units to produce ozone from air. Ozone is a very powerful oxydizing agent. If ozone is passed into water, organic waste is oxydized. Even toxic nitrite can be oxydized to nitrate. Ozone itself is toxic so it cannot be directly introduced into aquarium but only via an ozone recator. For saltwater aquariums, we recommend an Aqua Medic protein skimmer.

The injection of Ozone into the water can improve the efficiency of protein skimming and raise the ORP (redox potential). The decomposition of toxic nitrite is enhanced whilst the bacteria in the water decreases, minimising the risk of illness of the animals. The compounds that produce yellow colouring in the aquarium are broken down and the water stays crystal clear. The ozone generators in the Ozone – series utilise the latest low voltage technology for safety and reliability. Various models are available with capacities from 25 – 300 mg/h.

The capacity of your unit is indicated on the label. This capacity is based on dry air. If operated with ambient air (50% humidity), the ozone output deceases about 50%. When pure oxygen is used, the output is doubled. It is possible to pre-dry air by using the Aqua Medic Ozone Booster.


  • 1 ozone generator
  • 1 power supply

Installation and set up
The ozone unit is connected with an air hose of 4 mm (¼“) inner diameter with the air inlet of a protein skimmer (not included). The hose has to be ozone proof (silicone tube, not included). Depending on type of protein skimmer, there are 2 possibilities:

  • Protein skimmer with air stones (e. g. Aqua Medic Midiflotor). The air is pressed from air pump through ozone unit to protein skimmer.
  • Protein skimmer with injector. The injector can be connected directly with the ozone outlet. The air is then sucked through the ozone unit. If the injector has a very high capacity, the ozone unit has to be connected in a bypass.

The ozone unit has got a control unit (potentiometer) (1) by which the ozone output can be adjusted continuously. We recommend to use 10 mg ozone/h as standard value for a 100-l-salt water tank and 5 mg ozone/h for fresh water aquariums. The operation of the unit is indicated by the LED (7). When started, it glows just weakly. If power is increased at the potentiometer, it lights more strongly, at 100% the LED glows constantly strong.

To determine the exact ozone requirement of the aquarium, we recommend to use the ozone unit combined with an ORP (redox potential) controller, e. g. Aqua Medic mV controller or mV computer. The mV computer switches the ozone unit off automatically as soon as the adjusted set value of the redox potential is reached. Overdosing of ozone is toxic for all life in aquarium.

For start up, we recommend to increase the ozone output slowly over a period of 14 days to let the biology of the aquarium adjust to better water quality.

  Ozone 25 Ozone 50 Ozone 100
Ozone output in mg/h 2 - 25 5 - 50 10 - 100
Continuously adjustable % 0 - 100 0 -100 0 - 100
Power consumption/watts
3 3,6 4,8
Air flow rate l/h
30 - 500 30 - 500 50 - 500
Fresh water amount up to/l
500 1000 2000
Salt water amount up to/l
250 500 1000
Outlet/connection in mm
4 4 4

Ozone 200
Ozone 300
Ozone output in mg/h 50 - 200
50 - 300
Continuously adjustable % 0 - 100
0 - 100
Power consumption/watts


Air flow rate l/h 100 - 500
200 - 500
Fresh water amount up to/l 4000
Salt water amount up to/l 2000
Outlet/connection in mm 4