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Sera KH/pH Plus ( KH & pH Up)



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Immediately raises KH and pH. Stabilizes the pH above 7.

Protects against nasty surprises.

Carbonate hardness and pH value are important water parameters. You can easily regulate and maintain the constancy of the carbonate hardness and the pH value by using sera KH/pH-plus. Optimum values for a community aquarium are 5 – 10°dKH; Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids require 10 – 15°dKH. Optimum saltwater values are 8 – 12°dKH.

With 5 ml of Sera KH-PH Plus you increase the KH of 1 ° in 40 liters of water. The Sera KH-PH Plus can be paid directly in the aquarium, we recommend increasing the KH value of no more than 2 ° per day. The pH and KH values must be measured both before and half an hour after the addition of Sera KH-PH Plus