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Sera Floating Hydrometer



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  • Floating glass hydrometer for measuring aquarium specific gravity.
  • Extremely simple-to-use hydrometer for fast and effortless testing Monitor and maintain proper specific gravity in saltwater aquariums. Extreme ease of use makes the standard floating hydrometer a classic favorite. Measuring aquarium specific gravity is as simple as floating the Sera Marin Hydrometer in your marine aquarium. 
  • The salinity (salt contents) can be deduced from the measured density. Since the salinity of marine water in an aquarium must be kept constant, the aquarium water should regularly be checked accordingly. The water to be tested is filled into a sufficiently tall water glass, and the scale of the immersed hydrometer is read off on according to its immersion depth.
  • Features measurement range of 1.000-1.040 with graduation increments of 0.01. 
  • The Sera Marin Hydrometer is calibrated at 77 degrees Fahrenheit and measures 5/8 diameter x 6-1/2