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Sera Aquatan Bio Protect Water Conditioner


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Sera Aquatan with the new Bio Protect Formula

Immediately conditions tap water according to the fishes’ requirements – suitable for fresh and salt water. Fish feel visibly better in the natural, healthy, clear water.

Tap water is not a suitable life basis for aquarium inhabitants. Additives that make tap water suitable for us humans harm fish and micro organisms in aquariums.

Sera Aquatan with the new Sera Bio Protect Formula reliably removes the harmful additives and conditions tap water to the optimum level for fish and plants with every new setup or water change. This considerably improves the living conditions for fish, plants and micro organisms in the aquarium. The fish will shine in their brightest colors.

Optimum aquarium water quality with the new Sera Bio Protect Formula

  • Trouble free fish transport due to the pH neutral formula
  • Immediate removal of aggressive chlorine
  • Immediate binding of heavy metals
  • Splendid colors and vitality due to iodine
  • Mucous membrane and gill protection due to skin protecting colloids
  • Enzyme activation by Magnesium for healthy fish growth
  • Less stress and better nerve system support due to vitamin B

Quick lowering of the pH value, e.g. during fish transport or water changes, may cause epidermis lesions and bleeding gills. Sera Aquatan with the pH neutral formula does not alter the pH value even in case of overdosing and, among others, ensures trouble-free fish transport!

Chlorine is in most cases is fatal for fish at a level of 0.1 mg/l. The gills of the fish are attacked and destroyed.Sera Aquatan immediately eliminates chlorine!

Heavy metal ions such as copper cause increased mucus secretion and destroy the gills. Sera Aquatan binds heavy metal ions immediately and permanently!