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BiOrb Marine Conversion Kit



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If you have some fishkeeping experience or have gained confidence with your existing biOrb you may want to consider moving on to keeping marine fish which are far more colourful than freshwater fish. 

Setting up a marine aquarium can be expensive and complicated. We have made it as simple as possible with the Marine Conversion Kit. 

The kit contains everything you need to get started including a hydrometer, salt and artificial live rock. 

Suitable for use with any Tropical biOrb or biUbe (excluding baby biOrb). Larger aquariums are easier to maintain than smaller ones as larger water volumes are more stable.  

If your biOrb is not tropical you will need to add a heater; either a biOrb Heater Pack or biOrb Inteligent Heater. 

Marine fishkeeping is more technical than freshwater, we would not recommend embarking on a marine set up if you have little or no fish keeping experience. 

Further Info

  • 4 x Artificial Live Rock
  • High quality reef grade salt
  • Marine filter cartridge (the standard filter cartridge supplied with the biOrb is not suitable for marine use)
  • 2 x Medium Green Easy-plants.
  • 1 x Hydrometer/thermometer (to measure salinity & temperature)
  • 1 x Halogen Light Gasket (if you have a halogen light fit this gasket to prevent salt water getting into the light)
  • Water level measure
  • 1x bottle of Instant aquarium 2 (Beneficial Bacteria Booster)
  • Water conditioner
  • Sample pack of marine fish food
  • Step-by-Step setup guide.
  • Water Testing Card/Guide