Aqua Natural Mopani Wood


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Mopani Wood is a beautiful two color driftwood from Namibia-Africa.

Perfect for use in aquariums or terrariums. Its smooth surface, textured detail, and unique mottled color adds interest and enrichment to habitats. Use it with plants to create the "naturalistic" look. Mopani is one of the hardest and densest woods available, sinks immediately in aquariums and unlike other driftwoods, will not rot.

Mopani does tend to stain the water at first, however this will stop over time. Mopani tanins are non-toxic to aqautic life and in fact many species of fish love the rich tanins that Mopani has to offer.

Hot tip - boil Mopani to reduce tanin leaching

Driftwood can take some time to become waterlogged and sink, thicker pieces can take weeks. Boiling the wood can speed up this process.

Sizes are approximate and are from the longest point to longest point.