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Pisces Australian Jurassic Reptile Bedding 100% Pure Araucaria 8L


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A true Jurassic wood from when the dinosaurs ruled the world:

Majestic in size and beauty, the Araucaria is truly a magnificent timber species. These native Australian trees have fine, evenly textured, light yellow timber. Araucaria are a group of tree species native to the forested regions of Australia and can grow up to 60m tall and 2m across the base. They are a slow growing tree that can live up to 450 years old and they rival the coniferous forests of North America and Eurasia with their impressive beauty.

The Araucaria genus can be traced back to the age of the dinosaurs. Fossil evidence indicates that the genus reached its maximum diversity between 200 to 65 million years ago during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. At that time, the Araucaria genus occurred in both the northern and southern hemispheres. When the continents drifted and the southern supercontinent known as Gondwanaland was formed, Araucaria became solely confined to the southern hemisphere.

The Aboriginal Australians used the timber from Araucaria for the construction of boomerangs and Coolamons which were traditionally used to carry water, fruits, nuts, as well as to cradle babies. Seeds were roasted and pounded into damper. As one of the few odourless and food safe woods in the world, it is extremely sought after for the production of baby cots, butter boxes and timber cutlery.

Suitable for snakes, lizards, rodents, guinea pigs, small animals and birds.

  • 100% Pure Australian Araucaria
  • Non-Pine species
  • Certified food safe species
  • Odourless
  • Kiln dried