Jurassic Natural Reptile Bark Cypress 8L


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A true Jurassic wood from when the dinosaurs ruled the world:

Cypress bedding is a light weight bedding, and due to the way it loosely packs within the terrarium it is ideal for reptiles that enjoy burrowing. Cypress absorbs large amounts of moisture and readily allows for evaporation, translating to higher humidity within the enclosure whilst avoiding damp bedding.

An ancient family of trees, the cypresses, got their start on the supercontinent Pangaea. More than 200 million years ago, Pangaea contained all the modern continents, squeezed up against one another. The separation of these continents isolated populations of living things, putting them on different evolutionary paths. Genetic research indicates this continental split helped shape the evolution of these trees, which now include giant redwoods and sequoias.

The most recently evolved subfamilies of cypress, Cupressoideae and Callitroideae, split from each other about 153 million years ago, as the two remnants of Pangaea pulled away from each other. The northern half, Laurasia, contained what would become North America, Greenland, Europe and much of Asia, while the southern half, Gondwana, would later become South America, Africa, India, Antarctica and Australia. The legacy remains. Living members of Cupressoideae occur mainly in former Laurasian continents, while Callitroideae are found on the fragments of what was Gondwana.

Suitable for humidity loving snakes such as green tree, carpet, Children’s pythons, blue-tongue lizards and some geckos.

  • 100% Pure Australian Cypress
  • For humidity loving reptiles
  • For burrowing reptiles
  • Naturally mold resistant