Ocean Free 3DM Reef Rock


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Pest Free, Virus Free Eco Reef Rock

RevoReef® 3DM Reef-Rock is a revolutionary mineral-based artificial ‘live-rock’ recommended for the eco-friendly aquarist seeking the ultimate pest-free, virus-free marine ‘live-rock’. 100% safe and ready to use.

These are hand crafted so each piece is unique. Weight, size, shape, number of holes & crevices WILL VARY. A 2.5kg piece is approximately 20-25cm at the widest points, a 500g piece is about 8-10cm at the widest point. These rocks are ideal for stacking and arranging to suit.

Price is per rock.

Colour is a creamy light pink: but once colonised will change over time.


3DM Reef-Rock is only for use in Marine aquariums, it MUST NOT be used in freshwater aquariums.

RevoReef® incorporates advanced manufacturing technology to create this super macro-porous and tough artificial ‘live-rock’ that provides high surface area for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria growth.

Buffers pH 8.1 – 8.4
Effective Surface Area 1000m² – 2000m²/litre
Spatial Aperture Range* Micro (0.10 – 10µm)
Medium (10µm – 500µm)
Large (0.1µm – 3µm)

* µm = micrometer (one thousandth of a millimeter)


3DM Reef-Rock is an environmentally friendly alternative to natural live-rocks harvested from our precious coral reefs, allowing us to do our part to preserve and protect these beautiful Coral reefs.

  • Environmentally green product. An environmentally friendly alternative which replaces the need to harvest natural live-rocks from coral reefs, preserving them for our future generations.
  • No curing required. 100% sterile, virus-free, hitchhiker/pest-free and can be used immediately thus saving time.
  • pH Buffer. Buffers pH at 8.1-8.4; suitable for marine fish and corals.
  • Rich in minerals and trace elements. Contains essential minerals and trace elements that are important to coral growth and marine fishes. Main elements include CaCO3, MgCO3 and Mn.
  • Acts as a buffer. Advanced manufacturing technology that slowly release minerals and trace elements thus effectively buffering aquarium water parameters.
  • Tough and Macro-Porous. Advanced manufacturing and high temperature processes has given RevoReef® 3DM Reef-Rocks their distinctive lightweight, tough and porous structure. Within the tough exterior lies 3 dimensional cavities of various spatial apertures (macro, medium and large cavities) all interlinked by micro-tunnels.
  • Ideal Conditions for Bacteria. The cavities and interlinked micro-tunnels increase the overall effective surface area and create ideal conditions for billions of Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria within a single filter medium.
  • Largest Effective Surface Area. BET Method surface area analysis has determined the effective surface area of RevoReef® 3DM Reef-Rocks to be in the range of 1000m² – 2000m²/litre, far surpassing natural live-rocks’ effective surface area of 200m² – 500m²/litre.
  • Coral and Coralline friendly. 3DM Reef-Rock’s unique composition encourages coralline algae to establish on it, especially in matured tank already seeded with coralline algae. In a few months’ time it will look exactly like a real live rock.


Area of Comparisons 3DM Reef-Rock Live Rock
1. Eco-Friendliness Eco Friendly / Handcrafted. Reduces the need for mining of live rock and avoid needless destruction of natural ecology. Harvested from nature which destroys natural ecology and upset the Eco-system.
2. Supply Handcrafted source which ensures stable supply. Unstable supply with increasing government controls and regulations on the needless destruction of coral reefs.
3. Quality of Rock Handcrafted source allows us to provide Reef-Rocks of a stable and consistent quality. Inconsistent quality depending on the source.
4. Cleanliness

1. No Pests, Predators and Hitchhikers and unwanted corals.

2. Does not carry harmful bacteria and virus

3. Does not have algae and Phytoplankton.

4. No curing required, which allows retailers to sell it immediately. Hobbyists can also use the Reef-Rock immediately after purchase.

1. Contains Pets, Predators and Hitchhikers and unwanted creatures and dead corals which causes problems when introduced into the hobbyist’s tank.

2. It might cause harmful bacteria and virus depending on the source.

3. It might carry unwanted algae and Phytoplankton.

4. Long Curing process required which requires space and time. Not 100% reef safe yet.

5. Porosity Multi-step processing in ensuring high porosity, slow demineralization and inert nature. High porosity provides high surface area for beneficial bacteria. Porosity depends on quality of live rock harvested.
6. Ease of Scaping Easy to shape, high structural strength, does not crumble or decompose with drilling, filing and sawing. You can cut, plane and angle to the shape you need. Not easy to shape and popular shapes like flat surfaces, or with through-holes are hard to come by. Sometimes come in rounded surfaces which are difficult to stack/ scape.
7. Available sizes Available in large size (pre-order). Difficult to find large pieces.
8. Weight 30% lighter than live rock. Heavy and difficult to handle.
9. Surface Area to Volume Ratio High surface area to volume ratio of up to 1000m2/l, which is up to 10x more than live rocks. Low surface area to volume ratio. Around 100-300m2/L of effective surface area.
10. Drilling of Holes Can easily drill hole to install peg without splitting the rock. Depending on the rock, it can be difficult to drill a hole.
11. Ease of Freight Can be packed into cartons and sea freighted, saving on the freight costs. Airfreighted which is more expensive or Sea-freighted after intensive curing process but still toxic after arrival due to dying organism on live rocks.
12. Additional Features

Rich in essential minerals and trace elements. Rich in calcium and magnesium ions and bicarbonate salts. Minerals and trace elements are processed to ensure slow release up to 3 years.

Highly effective buffering capacity to simulate the what live rocks is doing in the coral reef systems:

  • Ensure stable pH
  • Ensure stable mineralisation process
  • Ensure low fluctuation in water quality
13. Environmental Laws Easy to import and export as it complies with international Environmental Laws. Increasing awareness about the need to protect our coral reefs has led to stricter Environmental Laws on import and export of natural live rocks.
14. Volume vs Weight Gives more volume for the same weight of live rock bought, making 3DM Reef-Rock more cost efficient. Live rock is usually heavier, thus there is a need to pay more for the required volume of live rock.



  • Easy to shape. 3DM Reef-Rocks allows you to create your ideal shape according to individual requirement by filing using a file or create hole by a drill and modify the hole by filing as well. Flat surfaces for Coral frags or more hiding holes? It’s your call!
  • Form your dream scape. 3DM Reef-Rock is easy to stack, interlock or decorate to form the natural looking reef-scape that you’ve always wanted!
  • Coral and Coralline friendly. 3DM Reef-Rock’s unique composition encourages coralline algae to establish on it, especially in matured tank already seeded with coralline algae. In a few months’ time it will look exactly like a real live rock.